Mr. Christopher Morgan

Board Chair/ Founder/ Executive Director

CHRIS MORGAN, Founder & Executive Director

Chris, the driving force behind IMPACT Alliance of South Atlanta, Inc., has been a substance abuse treatment professional for over 20 years. Beginning as a Facility Service Tech in 2000, Chris advanced to become a Counselor in Training, just 5 years later. In 2010, he became a Certified Addiction Counselor I and earned his Bachelor’s in Substance Abuse in December 2017. Today, Chris is a Certified Addiction Counselor II and is currently preparing to become a Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS). Chris also successfully completed the GA Council on Substance Abuse CARES Academy 42. In doing so, he now enjoys the proud distinction of being a Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist (CARES). In addition, Chris has helped to establish multiple residential recovery houses and serves as a Board member for these programs. He has helped countless people achieve recovery through love, care, and the ability to meet people where they are

Chris’ own journey of long-term recovery began on December 28, 1999. Over 20 years of long-term recovery has given Chris a voice to speak aloud and advocate for his peers that recovery works. Recovery changes lives and communities by promoting freedom from substance abuse disorder. Uniquely understanding the vital role Recovery Community Organizations (RCO) play in the journey of peers in long-term recovery, Chris began to pursue his dream of founding an RCO in 2019. In February of 2022, his efforts culminated into IMPACT Alliance of South Atlanta, Inc., and this RCO is intended to serve the recovery community in Henry County. Chris and his team are excited to create relevant and engaging programs, workshops, and events designed to support long-term recovery and peer advocacy.

Ms. Carla Cooper-Morrell

Board Treasurer/Co-Founder


Growing up during the 80s and 90s amid the crack cocaine epidemic in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, NY, Carla’s experience with recovery came through witnessing and experiencing the devastation of Substance Abuse Disorder to her community, among her friends, and in her home. Her older brother is a peer in long-term recovery for over 20 years. As a sister of a peer in recovery, she brings the family perspective of addiction and recovery. Her family knowledge and understanding of Substance Abuse Disorder has spurred her passion to be an advocate and an active ally in the recovery community.

Joining with Chris to co-found IMPACT Alliance of South Atlanta, Inc., Carla is the organizational and administrative force behind this RCO. With 20 + years of experience in corporate, Carla brings a wide range of administrative skills and experience. She also brings to the team a broad understanding of fundraising and Board building garnered during her time spent in the fundraising arm of a major area hospital. She also spent several years as a Lifestyle Director for a Golf and Country Club Community adding large event planning to her repertoire. Carla is a proud alum of Hampton University having earned her Bachelor’s degree in 1998. For the past 10 years Carla has been a Cardiology Imaging Professional and is currently training to become a Life and Health Coach.

Ms. Michelle Amarra

Communications & Advocacy Committee, Chair

Mr. Roosevelt Gates

Board Memeber

Mrs. Ashley Groover

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Dr. Ginari Price

Fundraising Committee, Co-Chair (Interim)

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Board Secretary

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